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  • WCAT-5 Training on Demand!

  • Classes available one-on-one or up to groups of six.

  • Call Dick Jennings for appointment 503-981-7735.

All WCAT-5 classes are free!
Just e-mail wcat5@wbcable.net or call (503) 981-7735 to register.

All training is held at 635 Glatt Circle Suite B. Time of the training can be arranged for your convience.

WCAT-5 Training Topics

Studio & Field Camera Operations
These “hands on” sessions will cover all aspects of Video Camera operations in the field in the studio. Other topics of interest can be covered such as studio lighting and floor direction.

Control Room Operations
This overview and hands-on class introduces students to the operation of WCAT-5’s Video Toaster System. The video toaster allows producer/directors to edit video and audio, place effects and music in their video productions and also uses electronic graphics and titling.

Audio Operations
Thistraining will introduce interested students to the “audio side” of television including audio microphones, patch panel operation, compression, equalization, and digital audio effects.

Television Administration Classes

Producing Television Projects
This training will cover in-depth producing of television projects. Topics that will be covered include: idea creation, project “look”, outlining, storyboarding, scripting, financing, locations, talent, equipment, sets, scheduling, crew staffing, production, post-production, and getting your project to DVD for playback.

Directing Workshop
This training will discuss directing technique and will touch on: the “look” of a television project, blocking talent, blocking cameras, the use of transisition wipes, cuts, and dissolves, framing, types of shots ( single shot, 2-shot, medium shot, wide shot), rolling tape into a program, audio elements, graphic elements, etc.

For those who want to deliver a professional product and clear message to their viewers. Class will discuss developing you message for your audience, formatting your script to reflect audio and video cues, marking scripts by the director, and developing dramatic scripts for television plays and shows. Students will script a project and then produce it for WCAT-5.


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