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WCAT-5 maintains a studio facility at 635 Glatt Circle Suite B in Woodburn, Oregon. Suite B houses a studio, a control room, restroom and “head-end” facility for cablecasting the many shows produced by WCAT-5 volunteers.

The WCAT-5 studio
The studio is a 25’x25’ room set-up for television production. The room is equipped with a lighting grid supporting over a dozen Colortran lighting instruments consisting of fresnel, ellipsoidal, and set lights. The room has a 25’ x 11’ chromakey green wall that can be used for video special effects. The studio also has a black curtain that can be used for a variety of video effects and set designs.

In the studio are several props in the form of set pieces and matching chairs. Geometrically shaped risers are available to bring the studio action up to camera level. The carpeted risers can be arranged in a variety shapes to fit your sets’ requirements.

The studio is equipped with 3 full-time Sony DXC-327AH cameras. Six microphone inputs are available for use. A Sony PVM2030 30” monitor allows for talent to view either themselves or video being played while they discuss what is being seen. The studio is equipped with a studio talkback system which allows the control room to communicate with talent in the studio. A Clear-Com intercom system allows direct communication between camera operators, floor directors and the director of a video production.

The studio can be used as an announce booth for recording audio or can be configured for use in videographing models, drawings and pictures that are used in video productions.

The WCAT-5 Control Room
The control room houses much of the electronic equipment that volunteers use to produce video projects and programs. At the heart of the system is the Newtek Video Toaster 5 system. This specialized computer contains video switching, tally functions, monitoring, engineering, character generator, non-linear video editing, and digital disk recording and playback. The unit, which is Windows-based, can be used for live productions or “off-line” for editing or DVD burning.

On one end of the control room, there is a monitor wall that allows WCAT-5 users visual access to all cameras and video source equipment contained at the facility.

The control room also houses other equipment in support of studio and post video production. Video formats supported by WCAT-5 include DV, Mini-DV, VHS, SVHS, 8mm and Hi8. Tape and DVD machines are available in the control room allowing volunteers freedom to record their projects to a format of their choice. WCAT-5 presently cablecasts using the SVHS and DVD format.

The control room also sports an array of audio processing equipment allowing for sound reinforcement or adding special effects. A compressor/limiter, 10 band graphic equalizer, digital effects generator and aural exciter are available to volunteers to get their sound “just right”. Other sound sources available in the control room include an audio cart machine, cassette deck player/recorder, and CD player. The Video Toaster 5 also has an audio section in it allowing audio to digitized and recorded either with video or stand alone on a digital disk recorder. WCAT-5 maintains a small library of production music by Network Music. The music on the disks is available for use by WCAT volunteers for their projects and is used on a first-come, first-use basis.

WCAT-5 maintains the PowerScript-Studio character generator for use during live productions. This powerful unit allows graphics and words to be superimposed over video allowing for graphical information to be displayed during live productions.

Other equipment housed in the control room consists of video engineering equipment such as waveform monitors, camera control units and various support equipment.

WCAT-5 Field Production
WCAT-5 maintains three cameras for use in the field that can be checked out. These include a Sony DXC-327AH coupled with a Hi-8 record deck, and two Panasonic 3-chip DV camcorders. Also available is a Panasonic DVX-100A DV camcorder. Each camera has a matched tripod and mounting equipment.

Each camera has an assigned field pack that contains accessories for each camera. Independent field video monitors include the Sony PVM-8041Q 8” color monitor and the JVC TM-22U 5” color monitor. Each field pack includes an assortment of power supplies, cables, and microphones. Volunteers needing lighting in the field can make use of one or both of WCAT-5’s Lowell portable lighting kits. One kit is made up 3 lights (2 flood and spot light) while the other is made up of 2 lights (2 flood lights).

For larger field shoots requiring three or more microphones, a Berhinger Euro audio board is available. The 12 microphone board also includes digital effects and limited audio processing. The mixerboard is accompanied by a microphone/stand/cable field pack that allows maximum audio flexibility in the field.

WCAT-5 also has a portable four source Panasonic WJ-MX50 digital video switcher and Videonics Titlemaker 300 character generator available for use in the field for more complex or multiple-camera field productions.

The WCAT-5 “Head-End”
The “head end” is the portion of the WCAT-5 that actually delivers the video programming to the cable operator. The head end is made up of 6 SVHS video tape machines and 5 DVD playback machines that replay shows on a given schedule. The playback machines are operated by a small, but powerful scheduling/playback computer. All playback, including live programming, is automated. The signal coming out of the playback machines is processed and reinforced and delivered to the cable operator’s head-end for distribution.

Future plans for WCAT-5 head-end include some upgrades to digital playback in the form of DV playback.Fiber optics are being installed from Woodburn Fire District, Woodburn Public Library, Woodburn City Hall and Woodburn High School, which will allow events and community and governmental meetings to be cablecast live.

Want to See For Yourself
If you would like to see this equipment in person or learn about its use, please call 503-981-7735 for an appointment. You can also see upcoming classes by linking to “Training” on this website.


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